Wine Appreciation Courses

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Introductory Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level

Want to learn more about wine? Keen to impress your friends with newly acquired wine knowldege? Or do you simply want to enjoy your wines?

Perhaps you wish to work, or are already working, in the hospitality industry?

Whatever your motivation, the ACT Wine Industry Network's Wine Appreciation courses are for you!

Our courses are conducted by qualified professionals with many years experience in the delivery of a range of educational programs. We design courses that are appropriate to the level of the participants involved.

Learn about wine terminology. What do the terms acidity, balance, body, length, intensity, depth, complexity, typicity and mouth-feel mean?

How do you serve wine?

General areas covered in all our Wine Appreciation Courses include overviews of the following:

  • the influences on growing and making wine in Australia
  • how and when to buy wine
  • cellaring wine
  • wine tourism
  • matching food and wine
  • trends in wine styles
  • local wineries
  • regional wineries
  • National wineries
  • International wineries

We can conduct courses over a series of full days, part days or evenings and even on weekends!

Get a group together and we will even conduct on-premise courses for you and your staff in your own workplace or home.

Please contact us regarding the details of the costs of our courses.

Specific topics for study in our courses are as follows:

Introductory Course (Level 1)

  • overview of the Australian Wine Industry
  • growing grapes
  • the basics of making wine
  • characteristics of wine varieties and styles
  • influences of "terroir"
  • the wine-maker
  • matching food and wine
  • serving wine
  • common wine terminology
  • establishing a wine cellar
  • tips for buying wine
  • tastings of popular varieties

Intermediate Course (Level 2)

  • wine tourism
  • regional, National and International influences
  • marketing/advertising/promotion
  • wine judging and tasting
  • popular styles of wines
  • wine and health
  • new varieties
  • fortified wines
  • sparkling wines
  • advanced wine terminology
  • adding to the wine cellar
  • better buying techniques
  • tastings of new varieties

Advanced Course (Level 3)

  • establishing the vineyard/preparing the land
  • grapes: growing and ripening
  • managing the vine
  • insecticides and pesticides
  • fertilisers and nutrients
  • organic growing
  • irrigation
  • propagation
  • pruning techniques
  • netting
  • harvesting
  • crushing/pressing
  • fermentation/maceration techniques
  • maturation/stabilisation/bottling
  • labelling/packaging/selling
  • tastings of popular varieties

We conduct the majority of our public Wine Appreciation Courses through the auspices of the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT).

NOTE: we also conduct these courses in the wider Canberra area (Goulburn, Yass and Cooma) for local businesses and in people's homes. Simply contact us for more details regarding costs and availability.


2015 CIT Wine Appreciation Courses: ACTWIN is once again partnering with CIT Solutions to conduct the majority of its Courses.

Introductory Courses: Dates for Term 3 and Term 4 classes at the CIT are:

  • Monday 27 July - Monday 31 August. Dickson College. 6 weekly sessions from 7-9pm. This Course is now well under way!
  • Monday 19 October - Monday 23 November. Dickson College. 6 weekly sessions from 7-9pm.

The cost is $295pp plus $90pp for wine fees (Total cost: $385pp).

Intermediate Course: None timetabled at this stage.

One Day Saturday Courses: our next One Day Course will be conducted at a southside venue on Saturday 3 October. Please note the change of date from 19 September as previously advertised. Cost is $365pp (including the wine fees and text book) or only $285pp with an early bird discount: ie book and pay by Friday 18 September. For those who already have the text book or who are Wine Club or Social Club Members, the cost is $300pp (but only $240 for the same early bird deal). Enrolments are now open. This will be a Level One (Introductory) Course.